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It’s been a while…

May 29, 2011

I’m so disappointed with my own lack of presence on this blog!  I’ve been very busy irl and have had little time to play WoW, let alone blog about it.  As you’ll notice I finally got my Outland Gourmet post up, and I already have a few other posts in the works concerning pre-heroic and +hit gear lists for mages and reviews of recent books I’ve read.  In fact, my list of things to blog about is growing faster than I can get posts up!

In April and May I wrapped up my schooling, finished all my final projects, deep-cleaned my apartment, applied for and interviewed at different positions for the Fall, and then drove across the nation for my summer employment.  I was very excited about a particular job opportunity at a university in the South, but unfortunately I just received the bad news a few days ago that I’m no longer under consideration for the position.  This, needless to say, was very disappointing.  To be honest it’s a huge stress, but I don’t care to go into much more detail about it here.  I love my summer work, though, and already I’ve had a lot more time here to take care of my fun tasks that have been piling up.

Like I’ve said, my WoW presence has sadly been quite scarce, but when I have had chances to play I’ve been gravitating toward my Alliance warlock alt, Misha.  Warlocks are fun, and I’ve had some significant success in battlegrounds… check it out:

This was the scorecard from my last Warsong Gulch before I dinged to 45.  We slaughtered the Horde, and it was fun!  I also feel like I learned a few good warlock techniques.  I tend to approach the class as a mage and I’m realizing more that that simply doesn’t work as well.  (I know, I know, only took me 45 levels to realize that! /facepalm)  I finally purchased a trinket, and I’ve considered running Scholomance to gather the pieces for the attractive Necropile Raiment set.  I think it’s too late now, though, as that gear will probably be too low-level in the new bracket.  (Especially since I don’t plan on PvPing much until I hit level 47 anyways.)

I’ve also worked through the new Zandalari heroics on Liyly, and have gathered just about all the gear upgrades I’m going to get from them.  Now I have to sit down, calculator in hand, and figure out what pieces to wear and how to gem to reach the insane hit cap and still have a decent amount of intellect, haste, and crit.  I really like these new dungeons, and have absolutely no qualms whatsoever with them being ‘recycled’ content.  No one was running these raids – why not let them be useful content again?  They are great in theme and design, and I really like the encounters.  I also feel that their difficulty is spot-on also.

So… yeah!  I expect to get some more useful content up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.  It’s going to be an exciting summer, full of WoW, musical theater, friends, family, and enjoyable language study!  (I think I’ll study Finnish a little this summer!)

See you soon!


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