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The Girl with Purple Hair

September 30, 2011

Here I am, again, at the end of another month without posting.  *sigh*… I absolutely hate excuses, and I’m not going to even try to excuse my slacking with this blog.  Things are still rough around here and I just don’t have a lot of motivation to write uplifting things.  I don’t want to write a post with nothing worthwhile to say, either.  Simply put, my significant other and I are not making much progress in coming together again.  These last few months we’ve gone a ways in understanding our situation better, but that’s about it.

Both Emmy and I are very religious, and we’re making some special efforts this weekend to see if we can’t make some more progress to work things out.  In my efforts to explain my understanding of our situation to her, I had an idea to write a story for her yesterday.  It’s in the same vein as a story I posted previously.  I think it’s worth sharing, so I’ve included it in its entirety below.  Maybe one day I’ll sit down and turn it into a children’s book with some nice art.  Read it, enjoy it, let me know what you think.  I like it and think it accurately describes what I’ve been feeling, however, I’m crossing my fingers that things turn out a little happier for me!

Before I get into that, however, I have some happy WoW-related news!  Yup, I’ve had some very special friends return to WoW!  I’ve sure missed them a lot in the last six months!  We’re already having a blast and are trying something new this time – twinking!  We’re rolling new toons with as much BoA gear as we can get and then stopping their xp gain at level 24.  Our hopes are that we can do battlegrounds and dominate all the free-to-play accounts that are stuck at level 20.  Although we’re not quite to 24 yet, so far we’ve done pretty well, even with our mediocre and partially enchanted gear.

My twink is Tricxy, a goblin subtlety rogue.  I’ll update my characters sheet with her once I get her at twink level… and get an awesome portrait!  She loves small sea creatures, Martin Solveig & Dragonette’s songHello, and specializes in killing flag carriers.  :D

So ready for my newest literary masterpiece?  Grab a snack, get comfy in your chair and enjoy!

The Girl with Purple Hair

Once upon a time, in a town not too far from here and not too long ago, there was a girl named Josie.  Josie was kind, beautiful, and loving.  She had a lot of friends because she was fun to be around.  Josie was an exceptional person, but not just for these traits.  She was different in another unusual way – she had rich, purple hair.

“Cool!” you might say, “I wish I had purple hair, it would be so nice!”  Sadly, it wasn’t so nice for Josie.  In the town where she lived everyone had blonde hair, the color of sunshine.  Josie liked everyone’s blonde hair and thought it was very beautiful.  But she liked her purple hair, too.

Because everybody else had blonde hair, Josie felt that she had to keep her purple hair hidden.  She remembered what had happened to Crazy Ears Jack a few years ago.  He happened to have some very large ears, much larger than the rest of the townsfolk.  He looked different and was mocked and ridiculed by most everyone.  Even Josie thought he looked sort of silly.  Although Crazy Ears Jack was constantly teased, he let his big ears fly.

Eventually the leaders of the town called a council together to decide what to do with Crazy Ears Jack.  Everyone present agreed that he was a menace to the town.  “His ears are simply unnatural!” said a man.  Another woman yelled “It’s just plain wrong!  Seeing those lobes makes me uncomfortable!”  Josie wasn’t sure of the details of what happened after the council, but Crazy Ears Jack was never seen or heard of again.

So Josie decided that she’d go about her days like everybody else – with blonde hair.  She was smart and came up with a lot of ways to keep her naturally purple hair hidden.  Often she simply dyed it blonde.  On rainy days she’d tie it up and hide it under some stylish hats.  In fact, she was so good at hiding her hair that no one in the town ever suspected that her hair was anything other than the same sunshine-blonde hair they had.

One day Josie met Sam the butcher’s son and instantly fell in love with him.  Before she even had a chance to talk with him she noticed that he was very attractive.  Not only that, he was helping a stinky old lady cross the street with her seven cats.  To do something like that, well, he must be kind!  As soon as he untangled himself from the cats’ leashes, Josie went up to him to introduce herself.

Needless to say, they hit if off fabulously.  In no time at all they were best friends.  They did everything together and after a few years had amassed many wonderful memories.  And though Josie loved Sam very much, she still hadn’t told him about her purple hair.  She just wasn’t sure how he’d take it.  After all, no one had ever had different color hair in her town.  No one ever imagined that hair could come in colors other than sunshine blonde.

Once Josie had asked her favorite teacher what he thought about different colored hair.  His response was discouraging: “Oh Josie you always surprise me!  Why would anyone want hair that wasn’t blonde?  Don’t you think that blonde hair is beautiful?  I can’t think of any other color that is as nice.”

Josie agreed that blonde hair was beautiful, but felt that her purple hair looked very nice, too.  She looked out the window at the brown tree, heavy with red apples.  She saw the lush, green grass and in the distance the gray-blue mountains.  Sunshine blonde was beautiful, she thought, but weren’t all these other colors wonderful also?

One evening, when Josie and Sam were sitting alone by the river, Sam said something that startled Josie.  “Josie, I wanted to ask you about your hair…” he started.

Josie was immediately worried that he suspected something.  Had she forgotten to dye a section of it that morning?  Did he somehow know her secret?  She responded with a nervous and timid “What do you want to know?”

Sam continued, “I just have noticed that your hair somehow seems extra sunny.  It’s just so beautiful, and I wanted to know how you did it.”

Well, Josie had noticed that her hair was extra sunny, too, and she knew exactly why.  The dye that she used every morning to turn her hair from dark purple to sunshine blonde happened to make her hair just a little sunnier than everyone else’s.  She had adjusted the color again and again to make it fit in exactly, but hadn’t quite succeeded yet.  The difference was slight, though, and until now no one had noticed.

She thought quickly about how to respond.  Oh, how she wanted to tell Sam the truth, but she was worried that he wouldn’t like her purple hair.  She decided that she had to continue to lie, and rapidly made up some story about how her aunt had brought her a certain styling gel from the neighboring town.  This styling gel is what gave her hair an extra sunny shine.  Caught up in her story, she even promised Sam that she’d bring him some tomorrow.

Sam was excited, and eventually it was time for them to both go home.  It wasn’t until Josie was alone in her room that she realized what she had done.  She didn’t have any sunny styling gel.  She didn’t even have an aunt that lived in the neighboring town.  She didn’t have any aunts at all, come to think of it!  How would she ever find her way out of this lie that she had created?  Overcome with worry at her predicament, Josie started to cry.

“Why isn’t my hair like everybody else’s?” she said quietly to herself as she looked at her hair in the mirror.  As the tears streamed down her face, they started to wash the dye out of the ends of her hair revealing its rich purple hue.  Soon the top of her hair was a sunny sunshine blonde and the ends were rich purple.  She picked up a lock in her hand and looked closely.  It was a deep, rich purple of the kind that kings wore.  The color was vibrant, throbbing, and pleasing to her eye.  Against the delicate pale skin of her hand it appeared so noble and elegant.

Was purple hair so bad?  She thought that it was beautiful, but then again she had seen it and brushed it every day of her life.  She realized right then that she absolutely loved her purple hair, and immediately began scrubbing out the rest of the dye.  After finishing, she looked at herself again with her mane of thick, beautiful purple hair.  She knew what she had to do.  She would tell Sam the truth about her hair.  He loved her, and she was sick of keeping such an important part of herself from him.  She wanted him to know the real Josie – purple hair and all.

The next day Sam and Josie met up again by the river.  Josie was wearing one of her stylish hats with her un-dyed hair tied up under it.  Sam knew Josie well enough to know that she only wore hats when it rained, and today was as sunny as ever.  Noticing this, he asked “Hey love, why are you wearing a hat today?  It’s lovely, but there’s not a cloud in the sky!”

Josie, gathering up her resolve, said “Sam, I have something to show you.”

With that, she took off her hat and unpinned her hair, letting its rich purple thickness fall over her shoulders.  In the bright sunlight it appeared more vibrant than Josie had ever seen it.  Sam gasped.  Josie quickly explained to him that this was her natural hair color, and that she’s been hiding it for years because it was so unusual.  She explained everything – about Crazy Ears Jack’s disappearance, about how she’s managed to hide her hair, and even the lie she told him yesterday.  She told him that he’s the only person she’d ever told and how she didn’t want to keep this from him anymore.

Then, hesitating, she asked “What do you think?”

Sam, still stunned, just stood there in silence.  After a moment he politely but coolly replied “I’m not sure, let me think about it and I’ll meet you here tomorrow.”

He then ran off, not even remembering his customary goodbye kiss.  Josie stood there for a moment, trying to fight off tears.  She knew she had to keep hope and tried to convince herself that Sam was just shocked.  Once he thought about it and saw how beautiful her hair was, he’d come around, right?  He loved her, didn’t he?  She put her hair back up and went back home, relieved that she’d told him but still worried about his unsettling reaction.

The next day Josie went to meet Sam down by the river, again with her un-dyed hair up under a hat.  She waited and waited, hoping that at any minute he’d come running through the trees wanting to embrace her and see her pretty hair.  But Sam didn’t come.  Dejected but still hopeful, she went back home telling herself that something must have come up.  Maybe he had to help another old stinky woman with her cats.

Over the next six days Josie went to the river to meet Sam.  He never came.  Frustrated, she decided to stop by his house on her way home.  Sam’s mom answered the door, glaring when she recognized Josie.  After Sam came slowly to the door she asked him why he hadn’t come to see her like he said he would.  He fumbled around with his words a little, then finally admitted “Josie, I just can’t.  I… I don’t like your hair.  It’s just not right.”

“What do you mean, not right?” Josie retorted.

“It’s just so unusual.  It’s not natural, you know.”

“What do you mean, not natural?” asked Josie, getting increasingly frustrated, “It’s completely natural!  My hair is beautiful, unique, and special.  Why don’t you see that?”

“People just don’t have hair like yours,” Sam said softly, “It’s not normal.”

Josie couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  How could Sam, her best friend and most trusted confidant, not see past the confines of his own limited experience?  She turned to leave, not knowing what to do, when she remembered his mom’s stern demeanor: “Why did your mom glare at me when she answered the door?”

“I, uh… may have told her about it.” Sam stammered.

“What?!”  Now Josie was stunned.  She had trusted Sam.  She loved Sam.  She was intensely loyal to Sam and could not even imagine betraying him like this.  Her deepest, most intimate secret that she had carefully guarded her whole life was treated like mere gossip.  She didn’t know what to do.  Who else knew?  Would she be subject to a town council like Crazy Ears Jack was?  Didn’t Sam love her?  Why had he been avoiding her?

Questions tumbled one after the other.  They left the doorstep and went over by the barn for more privacy.  In the day’s dying light they discussed for hours, addressing all of Sam’s worries.  First he was worried that she was going to stop dying it and wear it purple out in public.  Josie assured him that she wouldn’t – she knew that people wouldn’t understand.  She didn’t want to inconvenience them or suffer the ridicule herself.  She calmly explained how her unique hair color was something she wanted to keep just between them.  Then he was afraid that even if she did continue to conceal it that people would still think less of him if somehow someone else found out.  On and on they went, with Sam expressing his fears and Josie explaining how there was no cause for this to be an issue.  Josie confidently responded to each of his concerns until the discussion finally came down to the last question.

“But don’t you love me, Sam?” questioned Josie.

“Josie, I do.”  Sam said, “I just don’t love your hair.”

“My hair is part of me, Sam… don’t you see that?” Josie said, tugging loose a lock of her un-dyed hair from under her hat, “It doesn’t come off.”

“But it’s not part of the Josie that I knew.  The Josie I knew and fell in love with had extra-sunny sunshine blonde hair.”

“That’s not the real Josie, Sam” Josie said, unpinning more of her hair, “This is real.  What do you want?  Me?  Or a girlfriend with sunshine blonde hair?”

“I want you with sunshine blonde hair” replied Sam, “Don’t you wish your hair were blonde?  You seem to like your weird purple hair.”

“Like it?  I love it, Sam.  Every morning of my life the first thing I’ve done is take care of my hair.  Everywhere I’ve gone I’ve had to make sure that it appeared ‘normal.’  To a certain extent my life has revolved around my purple hair.  I’m very sorry that I couldn’t tell you about it before – I hope you can understand my trepidation.”

She unpinned the last of her hair.  In the dusky light it seemed even a darker shade of purple, framing her pale face in rich hues.  “Look at it, Sam.  I’ve examined it and I find only beauty and depth.  Can you see it?  Is beauty only to be found in sunshine blonde hair?”

Sam cautiously took a lock of her hair in his hands and looked.  Slowly, he shook his head.  “I’m sorry, Josie.  I like sunshine blonde hair.  I love you dearly, but I don’t know how to love something so unusual.”

“Open your eyes, Sam” pleaded Josie, “Look beyond your experience.  Are you really willing to give up all that we have because of this?”

With a small jerk, he released her hair and stiffly walked back into his house.  As the last of the day’s light died, Josie shuddered and fell to her knees.  She held her face in her hands as her hair hid her tears.

The End.

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