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My love hath returned!

July 24, 2011

“Just once — that’s all I ask for, just once — let the lass ride with me…”


She’s back!

It’s been a very rough few weeks, but my love has returned, and we are making progress in rebuilding our relationship.  I did not realize how broken it was!  I’m grateful that we have a second chance to make things work, though.  We still have some significant issues to work out, but I have hope that we can work through them!

Unfortunately, because of the real-life issues that have come up, my WoW time has been reduced significantly and I’m now about a week behind in my Molten Front dailies.  Not that this is a huge deal, but I’m looking forward to some more game time!  I even dreamed about my guild the other night – I logged on after a long hiatus and they were excited to see me.  It’s nice to be wanted. :)

To both celebrate the return of my love and explain to her my experiences during her absence I wrote an allegorical story.  I’m proud of it, so I’ve included it in its entirety below.  Enjoy!

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Patch 4.2 Firelands Daily Quests Structure

July 2, 2011

Edit (7/13): As of a July 6 hotfix, it now only takes 1 day to open up the Molten Front, down from 3.  The image has been reworked to better show the structure and now also contains the correct info!

I’ve noticed a lot of confusion on my server as to how the new dailies are organized.  Players will progress through stages, each opening up access to additional dailies and rewards based on acquiring and spending Marks of the World Tree.  This currency is earned through the new dailies, and will mostly be used to access the different stages.  While there are many good guides out there already, I wanted to provide a visual map that shows the flow and structure of the different stages.  For more detailed information, I recommend Wowhead’s guide and this very thorough one at Icy Veins.

I’ll put in more information (like how long it takes to build up 125 Marks for the final three stages) once I get there and know for myself.  If you happen to know, or spot any other inaccuracies, give me a heads-up and I’ll update the chart.

I’ve had a lot of fun doing the new Patch 4.2 content already, and I haven’t even stepped foot in the Firelands raid yet!

On Sadness

July 1, 2011


I’ve had some unhappiness in my life this week.  I found out that my love has been having some desires for someone else.  It’s not as serious as it could be – she’s not left me – but the fact that her heart yearns for another’s breaks mine.

We’re in a difficult place right now and I’m not sure how to proceed.  I still love her but I’m feeling many conflicting emotions, including hurt, anger, and desire.

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The Mathematical Tale of Miss Liyly and the Hit Cap, or How to not Miss

June 20, 2011

Too much Gear, too many VP!

(note: the information contained in this post is current as of patch 4.2)

Two circumstances have expedited this post.  See if you can figure them out from the screenshot above!

Did you get it?  Yup!

  • My bags are full of gear
  • I have 3710 Valor Points, 3540 Justice Points, and patch 4.2 is only weeks away

I’ve had very few forays into the new Cataclysm raids since reaching the level cap.  Early on I tried to build a raid set where I was hit-capped against raid bosses but was unsuccessful – I couldn’t come close with the amount of hit that was on the gear I had, and wasn’t raiding consistently enough to justify spending all the time and gold to try to get there.  Furthermore, I wasn’t exactly convinced that capping hit would result in a dps increase.1  Well, there are more gear options now and there is no real reason for that wonderful Pyroblast! proc to miss Magmaw anymore!

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It’s been a while…

May 29, 2011

I’m so disappointed with my own lack of presence on this blog!  I’ve been very busy irl and have had little time to play WoW, let alone blog about it.  As you’ll notice I finally got my Outland Gourmet post up, and I already have a few other posts in the works concerning pre-heroic and +hit gear lists for mages and reviews of recent books I’ve read.  In fact, my list of things to blog about is growing faster than I can get posts up!

In April and May I wrapped up my schooling, finished all my final projects, deep-cleaned my apartment, applied for and interviewed at different positions for the Fall, and then drove across the nation for my summer employment.  I was very excited about a particular job opportunity at a university in the South, but unfortunately I just received the bad news a few days ago that I’m no longer under consideration for the position.  This, needless to say, was very disappointing.  To be honest it’s a huge stress, but I don’t care to go into much more detail about it here.  I love my summer work, though, and already I’ve had a lot more time here to take care of my fun tasks that have been piling up.

Like I’ve said, my WoW presence has sadly been quite scarce, but when I have had chances to play I’ve been gravitating toward my Alliance warlock alt, Misha.  Warlocks are fun, and I’ve had some significant success in battlegrounds… check it out:

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The Outland Gourmet Achievement (for post-BC players)

May 29, 2011

I started playing WoW shortly after the launch of WotLK.  I don’t remember a ton about the leveling process of my first character, but I do remember the confusion that came as I reached the upper 50’s.  In addition to the numerous unusual tokens and items I was randomly collecting, (and blindly dumping into my bank having no clue what they were for!) I eventually found my way to Outland.  There, my confusion only increased as I was confronted by new factions, currencies, and confusing content which was no longer very relevant on my progression to level 80.

Needless to say, it wasn’t until the lull before the Cataclysm that I finally decided to go through my bank and figure out what all these crazy items were for as well as check out some of the BC-related achievements that I had missed.  One that I’m working on currently is ‘The Outland Gourmet.’  Simply put, this achievement (which is required for the cooking meta ‘Hail to the Chef‘) requires one to cook 26 separate BC-era cooking recipes.

Sounds simple enough… well…

It’s gonna take some time

What makes this achievement somewhat tricky is the fact that some of the recipes that you need to cook require a bit of luck and time to obtain.  In fact, of the 26, only 3 are recipes that you can learn from any cooking trainer!  Of the rest, 4 are BoP recipes that are random drops from doing the Rokk‘s cooking daily (BC-era daily cooking quest giver in Shattrath), and the rest are either sold by vendors, quest rewards, or have a chance to come from the Dalaran(!) cooking daily. Read more…

Patch 4.1 and Jewelcrafting, or, the Dance has Ended

April 27, 2011

Since Cataclysm has hit, I’ve been meaning to write a blog post concerning how I’ve been playing the ‘financial game’ of WoW, and explain my strategies and successes in earning gold.  Well, a small change with large effects quietly rolled out yesterday as part of patch 4.1, and I’ve decided to rush out this post to address it and discuss other financial strategies later.

To start with, my primary alt, Vyvian, is a miner and jewelcrafter.  I can’t begin to emphasize how profitable jewelcrafting has been.  It has allowed me to more than double my net worth in the last few months, even though I play the AH as a ‘casual’.  But as of yesterday, things are now going to be significantly different, and probably not in a good way.

Let me explain…

I’ve had a few different plans of attack to make money on my miner/jewelcrafter thus far, which I’ve illustrated on the decision-making flowchart below.

How I used to make gold! Read more…