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I mostly play on Windrunner – H.  It’s a fairly alliance-dominated server, but there a few successful raiding guilds and we can hold our own in PvP.  I’ve wished at times that I played on an RP server, but I’m too cheap to character-transfer and it’s sort of become home at this point.  Imperium Cælestis and Squirrel Lovers are my bank guilds on Windrunner (Horde and Alliance, respectively).


LiylyLiylaloras Shaarinen, ‘Liyly’

90 Blood Elf Mage

Fire (PvE) / Fire (PvP)

Tailoring / Skinning

Windrunner – H

As my main and first character I stuck with past level 20, I actively hunt achievements, gear, mounts, pets, and any other conceivable valuable on her.  I absolutely love playing a mage, and she actively raids and PvPs.

Other active:

VyvianVyvianaras Shaarinen, ‘Vyvian’

85 Undead Priest

Holy (PvE) / Disc (PvE)

Jewelcrafting / Mining

Windrunner – H

Vyvian has a secure place as my official ‘alt’.  She is gearing up for heroics, and I would like to do more PvP with her also.  She actively plays the AH.  Vyvian is Liyly’s sister, and hopefully you’ll be able to read their story in a few years… after I finish writing it. :)

Update: I struggled to enjoy playing priests much in Cataclysm and for now she’s been put aside in Pandaria.  Maybe I’ll get back to her soon…

ZippÿZipthorn Ragetotem, ‘Zippÿ’

90 Tauren Druid

Guardian (PvE) / Restoration (PvP)

Leatherworking / Enchanting

Windrunner – H

Zippÿ is slowly reaching the level cap.  I’ve found druids to be very enjoyable to play, and in spite of his good humor, Zippÿ can be unsuspectingly lethal.

Update: Zippÿ has now become my 2nd level 90!  I love playing druids and have recently begun to pvp on him as resto.  I’m slowly working towards a good tanking and pvp healing set.

MishaMisha Rose Branson, ‘Misha’

85 Worgen Warlock

Affliction (PvP) / Demonology (PvE)

Tailoring / Herbalism

Windrunner – A

While I may have professed at one point that I would never venture into the dark arts that warlocks practice, when Cataclysm came out I had to give one of the new races a try.  Well, warlocks are fun!  I’m slowly learning the ropes.


[Picture Forthcoming]


77 Pandaren Monk

Brewmaster (PvE) / Mistweaver (PvP)

Alchemy / (undecided)

Windrunner – H

I had to give the monk class a try and I love it!  Lakshi is slowly leveling up (I only have time to play her an hour or two each week) and I really enjoy the monk play style, healing in particular!

Currently Inactive:

Tricxy Copperpinch, ‘Tricxy’

24 Goblin Rogue

Subtlety (PvP)

Engineering / Herbalism

Windrunner – H

Tricxy was originally rolled to roll over free-to-play accounts in random battlegrounds, which she did very well.  I haven’t done that for a while and am now using most of her gear on my new monk, so now she’s my official banker and auctioneer!

Ancix Lyftelian Vanaxus, ‘Lyfte’

60 Draenei Hunter

Marksmanship (PvE)

Engineering / Mining

Ravenholdt – A

Lyfte is my experiment on an Rp-PvP server.  Due to the financial difficulties of starting over on a different realm, progress has been slow.  I do like the hunter playstyle, however.  Lyfte has a preference for moths and bats as pets.

Bredwilliam Francis Putzbucket, ‘Bredwilly’

39 Gnome Rogue

Subtlety (PvP)

Windrunner – A

Bredwilly is a cunning little gnome – not the sort of guy you’d want to leave your kids alone with.  While he comes across as well-groomed and mostly non-objectionable, there’s a certain amount of grease just beneath the surface that’s apparent.  Rogues are fun, and I hope to level him up more soon.

Magnús Bluehoof, ‘Magnús’

85 Tauren Death Knight

Blood (PvE) / Unholy (PvE)

Inscription / Herbalism

Windrunner – H

Unfortunately, Magnús has mostly been used recently for his access to glyphs.  He only reached level 80 just prior to Cataclysm, and will most likely be on the back burner for a while.  While I’m got to a decent place tanking with him, melee dps is something that I still need to work on.

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